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Is Online Hypnotherapy Effective?

Is Online Hypnotherapy as Effective as Face to Face Therapy?:

Originally skeptical about the effectiveness of online hypnotherapy, extensive research has convinced me that it is as effective as face to face therapy and in fact can be advantageous in a lot of situations. The Journal of Medical Research ( Vol. 14, No.4) and are just two of many sources you can consult. It is for this reason that I now offer my services online.

Let’s face it , the world is changing… virtually anything can be done online nowadays, even consultations with medical doctors! The two things that are crucial for hypnotherapy are that the client and therapist are able to hear and see each other…….. using Skype or Zoom makes this entirely possible. Moreover both of these are easy to sign up to and cost nothing! Sessions can be carried out in exactly the same way as face to face therapy through these platforms, the only difference is that we are not in the same room.

In fact there are several ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE THERAPY…

  • The obvious first advantage is that there is no need to travel to a hypnotherapists office and this saves both time and money.
  • Most people feel at home in their own environment. Having worked with clients that were unable to travel to me, I know that many people benefit from relaxing in a familiar environment in their own chair, sofa or bed. Familiarity = Greater relaxation.
  • With the current Covid-19 crisis, it goes without saying that there is less risk of exposure to the virus if you are not venturing out and sitting with others in a waiting room.
  • Clients who live in a remote area can now have access to a therapist of their own choice, there are no geographical limitations to prevent effective therapy.
  • Clients with mobility or transport issues benefit from therapy in their own home environment.
  • From experience I know that some clients worry about their privacy when visiting my office, worried that they may ‘bump’ into someone they know. This scenario is completely avoided when therapy is at home.
  • Finally, clients with agoraphobia or social anxiety may find online therapy particularly helpful.



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