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Hypnosis is not about controlling your mind, it is a way to open it…

Hypnosis is merely a state of relaxation that is different to both normal wakefulness and sleep. Daydreaming, intense absorption in some task to the exclusion of all others and the half waking, half sleeping state that often comes before true sleep are all very similar to the hypnotic state.

When we are fully alert, our conscious minds are working full time. The conscious mind acts as a filter to the deeper subconscious mind, censoring and interpreting subconscious impulses so that they conform to our particular view of the world at that time. During Hypnosis, the two streams of - conscious and subconscious- become disassociated, each carries on separately without reference to the other, but the mind increasingly focuses on the inner subconscious stream.

It is the subconscious part of our mind that controls our habits and that is the storehouse of all our memories and emotions. It is this part of the mind that the hypnotherapist works with and because of the way it functions, it allows for positive change to be achieved.

There is no question of being controlled or manipulated during hypnosis and nobody can be made to do anything against their will. There is nothing ‘magical’ or ‘mystical’ about it, it is a pleasant state of relaxation. The ultimate aim of hypnotherapy is to work with the subconscious to help free the mind from whatever symptoms have been restricting it and to allow the person to make the most of themselves and achieve emotional and psychological freedom.



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